Forex -The term iis well known to most who are in business.This is the biggest financial market known throughout the world and it boasts of thousands of success as well as failure stories. Its popularity has grown over time, and today its daily turnover is a whopping 1.9 trillion dollars.

FOREX deals with the purchase and selling of various currency., Trading is done in pairs, one currency traded for the other.

There are two reasons trading of currency. 5% of the FOREX market’s daily turnover is from governments and organizations buying and selling currency. They would later convert their profit (foreign currency) in their respective national currencies. The rest of 95% is for speculation”, or trades for profit.

If you are new to the FOREX currency exchange, it is important that you get aquainted with the most liquid currencies, as they are the “most traded commodity.” They are called “majors”, which includes the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, England’s pound sterling, the Canadian dollar, the Swiss franc and the Australian dollar.

The foreign exchange markets cannot be manipulated, and it is free from external control. That’s what makes this better than any other market place.

Besides, the money is quickly in the FOREX market. An individual investor may not affect a large currency price in a big way. Taders buy and sell willingly, platforms are opened and closed easily as well.

This market has a wide range of participants. Many enter the markets for long terms while others are round for a short while. In comparison to stock markets, more people are attracted to the FOREX market..

Transactions involving foreign currency on the exchange are not governed or centralized. It just takes place through telecommunications. Currency exchange is open around the clock, from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon.

Dealers now quote all major currencies in each time zone around the globe. An investor can buy through these distributors, upon decidingthat the currency was the best deal.

The Forex currency exchange can be extremely rewarding. It comes with its own risks like any other markett. But the rewards of your investment is much greater. The benefits of your initial investment are huge. Other people, even the major players, certainly cannot affect the FX market.

Who says you can not make a lot of money in FOREX? Currency exchange has a tempting upside, however, the drop is immense and frightening. That’s why you must be sure of the trading you do before you catually make the purchase.

Make sure you spend a good amount of timing observing the currency market before you begin trading.

If you wish to succeed in the FOREX market, you mustremain informed of the news in the world, whether political or on the economy. Currencies values are greatly affected by these events. One can see fluctuations in the real exchange rate in terms of the events taking place in the country.

You need this information to make good valuations. It is also important to know the different codes for each currency, but you do not need to memorize all that. It would suffice to become familiar with the various codes, in this way, you will be able to act on short notice if needed.

The FOREX market is one that is truly rewarding. It offers endless possibilities for people looking for a good investment, but at the same time, we must be ever vigilant on a daily basis.

Abhishek Agarwal